Young S. Korean Speaks: “What the Fuck is North Korea’s Problem?”

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On the eve of the 69th anniversary of North Korea, outsiders are watching for any sign of threats from Pyongyang.
Many are asking what young South Koreans think about these threats. We bring to you the passionate voice of a young South Korean: Guk Beom-geun is the founder of G-pictures, an online media that aims to speak to and be spoken by the younger generation on issues of politics, sexuality, and social issues.
While eating very spicy noodles (called “Nuclear Spicy”), Beom-geun breaks down the motivations behind Kim Jong-un’s threats, and talks about the diminishing role of South Korea at the negotiating table.

Produced and edited by G-pictures. Translated by Korea Exposé.

Cover image: Maybe Kim Jong-un is just hangry. (Source: Flickr)

Haeryun Kang is a freelance journalist based in Seoul and contributing editor at Korea Exposé.

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