“The Brooklyn of Seoul”

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Beyond the photogenic nature of the neighborhood, Seongsu is remarkable for its resistance to gentrification. Jeong Won-oh, the head of Seongdong district, where Seongsu is located, is spearheading efforts to protect rent from skyrocketing — by trying to meet property owners 1:1, limiting corporate franchises from entering the neighborhood without resident consent, and tabling South Korea’s first-ever bill to prevent gentrification.

Seongsu’s nickname, the “Brooklyn of Seoul,” is up for debate: Yes, the town in eastern Seoul used to be an old factory town, and yes, it’s becoming increasingly ‘artsy’ as rising rent in Apgujeong and Gangnam pushed young people and artists into this relatively cheaper neighborhood since the 2000s. 

But no, Seongsu is nowhere as big as Brooklyn. Its alleyways are still relatively quiet.

Go to Seongsu to find out more, and bike in Seoul Forest before autumn is completely over. 

Youjin Do is a videographer at Korea Exposé. She is also the author of Digital Nomad and the director of the documentary One Way Ticket.

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