ké cast S2 E5: The Mixed Legacy of the U.S. Military Base in Seoul


The American military is gradually leaving Yongsan, a major garrison located in the heart of Seoul. How are the dynamics of military spatial reorganization playing out beyond the metropolis?

In this conversation, Bridget Martin, a contributor to Korea Exposé and a researcher at the University of California at Berkley joins host Andre Goulet to explore the U.S. military presence in South Korea, and how the country’s landscapes are shaped by the country’s unresolved conflict with North Korea. This conversation was recorded on December 11th, 2018.

Listen to this episode on YouTube, iTunes, Google Play, or download the show on AudioBoom. Look for Bridget’s ‘Field Notes from South Korea: Local Development in the Land of Securitized Peace’ at scholarworks.csun.edu. And read her article on Korea Exposé.


Cover Image: Yongsan Garrison (Source: Google Earth)

KOREA EXPOSÉ Editorial Team

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